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Welcome to Human Design Oracle – your go-to sanctuary to help you live your Human Design in an illuminated and joyful way.

If you’re looking for inspiration, motivation, guidance, comfort or confirmation that you’re on the right path, then you’re going to love all of the goodies in store for you here at Human Design Oracle.

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Human Design Exploration

I can’t wait to help you embody your own Human Design with more confidence and joy than ever before

I have created Human Design Oracle as a way of supporting you to connect better with yourself. Using the dual beautiful systems of Oracle Card Reading and Human Design, you will be able to navigate life with more confidence and a feeling of self-assuredness.

The Human Design Oracle Blog

I believe that when we embark on our Human Design Journey that we are opening ourselves up to whole new world of learning – come and dive into the blog as I share what I learn and what I believe about the whole Human Design system. 

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You can get your own fully personalised Human Design Body Graph here – this is where all the fun begins!

The Human Design Oracle Club

I want you to LOVE living your Human Design fully. This is why I have created The Human Design Oracle Club – Monthly, Weekly and Daily beautifully written, channeled Oracle Card Readings specifically created for your Human Design, sent directly to your inbox. It’s the most perfect gift for yourself to help you navigate life with more confidence and clarity – helping you to live your own Human Design with delight.

A little bit about me…

I’m Laura, it’s lovely to meet you! I’m a 4/6 Splenic Manifestor on a mission…

 I first got into reading Oracle Cards back in my late 20’s. I started off with my first deck – the incredible Wild Unknow Tarot by Kim Krans – and I fell in love with using cards as a conduit between me and the Universe. I found the messages I received both comforting and awe-inspiring in equal measure – a beautiful way to read a situation I was experiencing and to reflect on the images in front of me as a way of navigating challenges I was facing in my life.

First of all I read for myself – astounded by the acuracy of the cards that came up for me and how clear the messages I received were. Then I started reading for friends and family – overjoyed to be able to help them navigate their own tricky situations and to receive channeled guidance to their questions – it filled me with such wonder and happiness that we could be so ‘in touch’ with the Universe by using the cards.

And then, when I was in my late 30’s, I discovered Human Design. I read all I could and was positively thrilled to discover all I could about the make-up of both myself, and the people all around me. I have found Human Design to be the most wonderful tool for helping me to understand myself and everyone around me so much more clearly and with so much more compassion.

And so here on Human Design Oracle, where I blend my love of both Human Design and Oracle Cards to help you navigate your own life with more compassion, confidence and delight!

Laura x

Founder, Human Design Oracle


The human design oracle blog

Explore everything you need to know about your human design

Grab a tasty drink and take a few minutes out of your day to immerse yourself in the world of Human Design. It’s time to understand yourself – and all those around you – in a deeper, more compassionate way. Let’s explore your own Human Design and take your experience to a whole new level.