Human Design Profiles – A guide to understanding your lines

So you’ve learned about your Human Design Type – the next thing you’re going to want to dive into is Human Design profiles.

This is where we start getting a deeper, richer view of the major life themes you will experience. You will also get a better understanding of your personality and how you are designed to interact in the world.

Now let’s take a closer look at the Profile Lines in the Human Design Chart and get a deeper understanding of your life purpose.

How we find The Human Design Profiles in the Human Design Chart

When you first download your Human Design Reading, you will notice two columns on your Chart. The column on the left (when looking at your graph) signifies your unconscious traits referred to as your ‘Design’. And then the column on the right signifies your conscious traits referred to as your ‘Personality’.

We want to ascertain your Profile, so we specifically look at the smallest number on the right of the larger numbers in the top line of each of these columns. This will tell you your Unconscious Sun and your Conscious Sun – these are the numbers that make up your Profile Lines. To make this as straightforward for you as possible, you can generate your own free Human Design Chart here and you will find out your own profile lines.

The Twelve Different Profiles

In the Human Design System, we can see that there are a total of 12 different Profile lines and Combinations. These lines give us a powerful guide to the Archetypes we may play out over our lifetimes. Having access to this knowledge will greatly enrich your life experience, as we will come closer to understanding our life purpose and how we can live with more self compassion and fulfilment in our day to day lives.

As our unique combination comprises both conscious and unconscious aspects of our personalities, it may well be the case that you are aware that you behave in your own unique way. But the unconscious design side may be hidden from you – something that transpires with time. Or perhaps that the right people around you recognise these unconscious aspects of your character whilst you may not.

In Human Design, we can think of the Profiles through the metaphor of building a new home – a house analogy. We start at the beginning (with a solid foundation), we build the house, and when we are done – the house looks amazing and can be admired! Right, so with this analogy in mind, let’s have a look at the Twelve different Human Design Profiles:

The 1st Line – The Investigator

Those with a First Line in their Profile will need to research and establish the facts. Line 1s are all about feeling safe to proceed when they have the data and clarity about the right way to move forwards. A strong foundation can only be created when it is built properly. Line 1s are all about creating that solid start.

The 2nd Line – The Hermit

Those with the Second Line in their profile need to spend alone time in order to perfect their skills and to embody what they are studying.

The paradox with the Hermit line is that although you wish to be alone (and do need time to yourself) in your own space, it is equally important that you share your amazing gifts out in the real world. If we are using the house building analogy, then The Hermit is inside the beautiful house, studying or working away in a beautiful room with the lights on and music playing. People outside can see through the window into the beautifully lit room and they can hear the music playing – and naturally, they want in! They want a piece of what the Hermit has.

So although the Hermit wants to be a recluse, actually in order to fully self actualise, you need to share what you’re up to with your social connections – when you’re ready. This is an important aspect of what you’re here to do, and you shouldn’t close yourself off from the outside world – you have natural talents that are here to be shared with the world.

The 3rd Line – The Experiential Learner

In the Jovian Archive, Ra Uru Hu describes the Line 3 as ‘Martyrs’ however, I find Karen Curry-Parkers descriptions as ‘The Experiential Learner’ as more empowering. The Third Line is here to find out about the answers and solutions to problems in life by taking action on them. Line 3s can then use their natural gifts to find out the answer for themselves – through trial and error. It’s mega important that we allow the Line 3 babes to try out these new experiences and learn for themselves what the answer is, without holding them up.

Our Line 3 people are here to expose the problems with procedures and figure out the best way forwards. In our house analogy, this could look like the Builder or decorator trying out new ways of fixing things and figuring out their own process to reveal better ways of decorating or building the house.

The 4th Line – The Opportunist

Now we’re moving onto building the floor of the second storey of this house. The Opportunist is all about connecting with other people and influencing those other people around them.  The Opportunist is all about networking and that positive outcomes will arise out close personal relationships with friends, family and lovers. The Fourth Line folks need to feel secure in their next move before they make it.

In the house analogy, they know that the second floor is being built by people they know and trust. Our Line 4s also know what is coming up in the build plans. Nothing is left to chance and our Line 4 people will rely on their close friends and family in their circle to experience life in a way that feels good for them.

The 5th Line – The Heretic

Also referred to as ‘The Teacher’, our people with Fifth Lines are those who may well be put on a pedestal by others. The Heretic teaches others about themselves, as The Heretic is perceived as the third party onlooker wishes to perceive them. This means that our Line 5 Heretic can be seen as a Hero – the person who gets everything right, all the time. And this is the job that our Line 5s are here to fulfil – being the one who saves the day and sorts out the situation for others.

However, this can be a double-edged sword, as if the situation doesn’t work out favourably, the blame can be laid at the Line 5s feet. In our house analogy, our Heretics are in a beautiful room in the house, that everyone wants to be in! It’s gorgeously decorated and the Heretic makes everyone feel at ease who comes into the room.

The 6th Line – The Role Model

The Role Model is here to embody everything that they have learned in this life and to show up as an Exemplary Human to inspire others and for others to look up to. The Sixth Line babes experience life through three distinct phases. The first lasting from birth up until around the first Saturn return aged around 30. This is a period of being out in the world and experimenting and learning in life – on the job as it were.

Next up, the second phase takes place between ages 30 up until 50 years – when the Role Model heads up onto the roof of our metaphorical house. This is an ‘aloof’ stage where the Role Model will embody what they have learned and will spend time integrating and studying – preparing themselves for their last phase.

Then the final phase lasts from the Chiron Return aged around 50 until the end of their lives. This final phase is about living that integrated experience and showing up as a person in life who has much wisdom and who can share the results of their personal experiences for the greater good of everyone around them.

The 12 Possible Human Design Profiles

Now as you can see above, we have 6 different lines. And from these 6 different lines, we have 12 different ways of arriving at your own individual profile line.

Your specific profile will be made up of a combination of two of the above lines and will give you a high level idea of both the unconscious, and conscious themes that will play out in your life. It is awesome to think of these lines as archetypes, or personality traits that will have a thread running through the way you live your life.

So let’s have a look at these 12 possible profiles and see how they can help you with the personality side of your Human Design journey.

Profile 1 3: Investigator / Experiential Learner

Profile 1 4: Investigator / Opportunist

Profile 2 4: Hermit / Opportunist

Profile 2 5: Hermit / Heretic

Profile: 3 5: Experiential Learner / Heretic

Profile 3 6: Experiential Learner / Role Model

Profile 4 6: Opportunist / Role Model

Profile 4 1: Opportunist / Investigator

Profile 5 1: Heretic / Investigator

Profile 5 2: Heretic / Hermit

Profile 6 2: Role Model / Hermit

Profile 6 3: Role Model / Experiential Learner

​How to embody your Human Design Type and live your own personal destiny

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