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If you’re brand new to Human Design, the first thing that you’re going to want to do is get your personal body graph created. You can create your free human design chart right here. Once you have created your unique Human Design body graph, then we are ready to get underway with your Human Design journey. To create your free chart you will need to know your birth information – including your birth timebirth date and birth place.

The Human Design System is based on these very unique facts about you and will allow you to find out your true nature and how to live life according to your true self. And what could be better than that?!

Looking at the breakdown of your Chart

Once you’ve seen the full breakdown of your chart, you’re likely going to be a little mystified as to what this it all means. Don’t worry, I’ve got your back and I’m going to break down your unique roadmap so that you can understand the thought process behind the Human Design model. There are many layers to the Human Design Model and for this post, I want to introduce you to some of the most important elements, so that you can a foundational understanding to base the start of your journey on.

I know that when I first discovered Human Design, I learned about my Type, my Authority and my Strategy, as well as my Profile – this was totally enough to set me off on my journey! And when I realised how entirely accurate these elements are at describing me on a fundamental level – I was hooked. And so now I want to share the same initial elements with you.

The Concept of Human Design

The Human Design Model was conceptualised by a man who went by the pseudonym Ra Uru Hu (birth name Alan Robert Krakower). Ra Uru Hu went through an experience where he ‘downloaded’ the message of what the Human Design system should become. Human Design combines elements from Astrology, The I Ching, The Kabbalah Tree of Life, The Chakra Systems and Quantum Physics.

Human Design combines all of these elements into what is known as the Rave Bodygraph (you may also hear this referred to as the Rave Mandala – the imprinting matrix which depicts all elements of our Human Design).

So, with the basics covered, let’s dive into the Human Design Types so that you can find the best way to understand your own energy type.

The Different Types

Although the Body Graph encompasses many different elements, I personally found it the most instantly illuminating to discover my Human Design Type. This meant that I could really start to understand my true and real version of self and the unique nature of how I am best designed to live out my lifetime. There are five different Human Design Types, and you will fall under one of these types based on which of your Energy Centers are defined in your own personal Human Design Chart.

When I refer to Defined Centers, these are the larger shapes on your Human Design Chart which will give an overall flavour and direction as to the type of person you are.

The Human Design Energy Centers

There are nine Centers in total, and you can have any number of these defined (coloured in) or Undefined or Open (blank / not coloured in). The nine centers are: Head, Ajna, Throat, G-Center, Heart, Spleen, Sacral, Solar Plexus and Root. Of these 9 Centers, four are ‘Motor’ or ‘Energy’ Centers – these are the Heart, Solar Plexus, Sacral and Root Centers. We can then look at which of these centers are defined (coloured in) to establish which Human Design Type we are.

So now let’s take a look at the unique way that your own Body Graph displays your defined Centers (and / or undefined centers) and what this means for your Human Design Type.

I love the description in Karen Curry Parker’s Book, The Human Design Activation Guide where she describes the Human Design Types as follows:

“Manifestors: Have an open (white) sacral center plus any of the following: a desined Will Center connected via a defined (coloured) Channel to the Throat Center, a defined Solar Plexus connected via a defined (coloured) Channel to the Throat Center and / or a defined Root Center connected via a defined (coloured) Channel to the Throat Center.

Manifesting Generators: Have a defined (coloured) Sacral Center plus any of the following: a defined Will Center connected via a defined (coloured) Channel to the Throat Center, and / or a defined Solar Plexus connected via a defined (Colored) Channel to the Throat Center and / or a defined Root Center connected via a defined (colored) Channel to the Throat Center and / or a defined (colored)  channel connecting the defined (colored) Sacral Center to the Throat Center.

Generators: Have a defined (coloured) Sacral Center and NO motors connected to the Throat Center

Projectors: Have an open (white Sacral Center) and no defined (coloured) connections between any of the four motors and the Throat Center.

Reflectors (the rarest type): Have no Centers defined in their Charts. Their Charts are almost entirely undefined (uncoloured).”

Next up, we want to have a look at your Authority Type.

This is the inner authority, which according to Human Design, if we follow, we will be more like to live our best lives according to our design. The authority is our decision making process and once we are aware of what Authority we have, then we can apply the best Strategy to using our authority to help us navigate our lives in a way that feels good to us.

You will be able to find your Inner Authority on the comprehensive report here and you will see in your graph that you have either an Emotional Authority, a Splenic Authority, a Sacral Authority, a G-Center (Self Projected) Authority, a Mental (Environmental) Authority, a Heart (Ego) Authority, or a Lunar Authority.

By learning what your Inner Authority is, you will be able to use your own way to connect with your wisdom to help you make the right decisions in your life path. Using your Authority – and your corresponding Strategy (more on that in a minute!), you will be on your right track in life and things will flow a lot more easily for you.

So let’s have a look at what these Inner Authorities mean for YOU and how you can recognise and use your Inner Authority in the best possible way.

The different Authority Types

Emotional Authority

You will need to feel your way through your decisions in life – feel the feelings and allow yourself the time to truly recognise what your emotions are telling you about how to proceed. Your emotions are the best way for you to make important decisions in your life.

Splenic Authority

This is a visceral gut feeling. Your spleen speaks softly and only once. It is so wise and will tell you the only way to proceed just one time. Learn to recognise – and listen to – your instinctual reactions in your decision-making process.

Sacral Authority

You will need to tune in to the sounds that you make according to your energetic response. These are sounds like ‘mmmhmmmm’ if something feels like a yes to you – and ‘uhhhh-uhhh’ for no.

G Center (Self Projected) Authority

You’re a talker baby! You need to get those words out of your mind and spoken into the ether in order to make decisions effectively… As the words come out of your mouth, you will begin to make sense of your situation and the right way forward will become clear for you.

Mental (Environmental) Authority

You will need to get your ideas out via talking – that way you will be able to make sense of the ideas which are forming in your mind, but which you cannot make sense of UNTIL you talk them through with others. You’re not asking for permission or opinions – you just need to get it out of your mind via talking, so that the way forward can become clear for you by sharing your voice with the outside world 0 be sure to find the right people to share your words with as this will give you valuable insights into the right decision for you to move forward.

Heart (Ego) Authority

This authority is all about desire – your hearts desire. When it comes to decision making, get quiet and listen to what it is that you desire as an outcome – and then get talking about it. Talking can really help bring out the conscious personality of your Heart (Ego) Authority.

Lunar Authority

You will need to take your time when it comes to your decision making process – don’t rush things. The reason we call this a ‘Lunar Authority’ is that you can look to the cycle of the moon taking place every 29 days as a guide for how long it may take you to make a decision. Allow yourself space to put together the full picture of the decision you want to make – over the course of a month, you will have the time to mull over and check in with how you feel over the course of several weeks to ensure you make the best decision for you moving forwards.

So, now we have had a look at your overarching Type in your Human Design, as well as your Authority Center, let’s now move onto Strategy. Strategy is a mega juicy one for helping you live your best life with confidence and flair!

Your Human Design Strategy

Your Strategy is the way you can move through life to best fit your design and will make things much easier for you if you follow it – even though it may seem counter-intuitive at times! We are given our Strategy in direct relation to our Human Design Type, so let’s go through these one by one, so you can check in with the best strategy for your own personal growth.

Manifestors Strategy

The Manifestor Strategy is To Inform. Now, as I am a Manifestor myself, I will be the first to put my hand up and say ‘ooooch’!! However, the strategy itself is sound and I’ll tell you why… As Manifestors, we have an aura that is closed and ‘repelling’ – I know this sounds harsh, but that aura is here to protect us, so that we can let the right energy in, and keep the wrong energy away from us – which is actually super helpful for us when it comes to our creative urges and getting them ‘done’…

However, that closed aura can make people act in weird ways. Our closed auras can make people uneasy – and the best way to ensure that people stay out of our way as we create and follow through on our creative urges, believe it or not, is To Inform.

Note that this is ‘Inform’, not ‘ask’. We are informing people what we are up to, using our throat, so that they can get out of our way, or let us be in peace. And the more we get accustomed to informing, the easier our lives will flow. I will go into this in much more detail in another post, but for now, get used to telling people what it is you’re working on – and watch in wonder as things begin to unfold in front of you in the most beautiful way!

Manifesting Generator Strategy

Manifesting Generators Strategy is: Respond > Visualise > Inform. Now, as seems to be the theme with Human Design Strategy, this may not always come easily! I know that you may want to initiate… But actually the most perfect way for you to embody your Human Design is to wait to Respond to Invitations and to check in with your Authority for the best way to proceed.

As you have that wonderful defined throat center, you have all the power within you for birthing a new project – but just don’t birth every single project that comes your way! Not all the things are right for you… So yes, by all means do Respond – but make sure you check in with your Authority first to make sure that this is the right move for you / right project to undertake, as if you get started on a new project / direction that doesn’t truly feel aligned, then you may regret having taken it on in the first place.

Generator Strategy

Generators: Strategy is: To respond and then act.You’re like a glorious magnet, just bringing all of the right opportunities TO you – so do go ahead and enjoy living your strategy my lovely Generator! You can be in the right place at the right time, so long as you embrace your strategy of Responding. You don’t need to push, as you naturally pull the right situations to you – what a joy! And when you get started, enjoy the work and enjoy the mastery, these are your gifts.

Projector Strategy

Projectors Strategy is: Wait to be invited: As a Projector, you are a natural Leader. You are highly empathic and you can see what people need to do in order to elevate themselves and achieve their desires. However, if you do this without being invited FIRST, then this will make things feel negative and you wont’t get the results that you want. You need to be recognised for the genius Leader you are and once you are recognised and invited to play out a particular role or direction in your life, you will thrive.

Reflector Strategy

Reflectors: Wait for a full Lunar Cycle. As a Reflector, you’re not meant to make in the moment decisions – that would be the wrong move for you. As your centers are undefined, you need to be sure that you’re moving forward in the right way for you… And the best way to do that is to give yourself time – 29 days worth of time to be precise! In that amount of time, as you wait, you will be able to observe, listen and feel to the situation unfolding all around you, so that you can make the best decision for you moving forward.

Take your time to ensure that you’re living your life purpose Lovely Reflector!

OK, so we’re covering a lot in this post – but let’s press on with one more last thing, mmkay?!

Your Human Design Profile

I want to introduce you briefly to your Human Design Profile. There are many other elements and layers to the Human Design model which are being covered in way more depth in other posts here at Human Design Oracle, however, having this top level knowledge about your Type, your Authority, your Strategy – and now you Human Design Profile, will give you the most amazing start to your Human Design Adventure.

When you create your Human Design Graph, you will see two columns of numbers – one running down each side of your Chart. The Column on the left is your ‘Design’ Column, and the one on the right is your ‘Personality’ Column. We are able to find out what our Profile is by looking at the numbers in the columns on the top row of each the left column (this number represents our ‘Unconscious Sun’) and on the top row of the right column (your ‘Conscious Sun’).

The number that you are looking for is either the small number, or the number after the dot (dependant on which software you have used to generate your chart!).

On the Chart here at Human Design Oracle, the numbers are the ones after the dot / period. Once you have run your free version of your Human Design Chart here on the site, you will automatically be shown what your Profile is. There are 12 different options / combinations that come out here – here’s the list for you to cross reference with:

The different Human Design Profiles

1/3 – Investigator / Experiential

1/4 – Investigator / Opportunist

2/4 – Hermit / Opportunist

2/5 – Hermit / Teacher

3/5 – Experiential / Teacher

3/6 – Martyr / Role Model

4/1 – Opportunist / Investigator

4/6 – Opportunist / Role Model

5/1 – Teacher / Investigator

5/2 – Teacher / Hermit

6/2 – Role Model / Hermit

6/3 – Role Model / Experiential

I will go into much more depth on each of these amazing Profiles in separate articles on the site – your free graph which you can visit here: will give you a high level overview of your own profile and how this will play out in your life.

What next in your Human Design Journey?

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this introduction to how to read your Human Design Chart. As I mentioned before, this is just the start of your journey, but I believe that by grasping these initial concepts of Type, Authority, Strategy and Profile will give you the most perfect springboard to start understanding yourself better as well as giving you the gift of compassion for other people’s energy and other people’s plans as well as your own.

Rather than feeling like life is happening to you, we start to grasp – through the lens of human design – that life is happening FOR us and that we all have the most amazing unique perspective and energy to bring to this world we live in. I hope this post has got the Human Design ball rolling for you and I can’t wait to share more with you as you deepen your learning and wisdom on this fascinating model!

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